When my Grandma was a child she was involved in a nasty road accident that left her with broken legs, unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. As she recovered and developed one leg grew longer than the other and she had to wear a platform shoe.


A local lady, Miriam Godber, who loved riding and owned horses heard about my Grandma and had the inspiring idea that if a child rode regularly, the movement of the horse would work on the depleted muscles and the legs would grow stronger.  She very kindly spent hours of her own time helping my Grandma ride her horse and walked alongside her for miles and miles.  Miraculously my Grandma's legs strengthened and grew and they are now even. 


Miriam Godber and Jean Bedford became firm friends and together (along with the support of Mr Cashman an Orthopaedic surgeon who referred patients to them) they

set up BDHRA to help others.


We're all very proud of my Grandma who was awarded an MBE in 2014.



BDHRA is the most amazing charity that does brilliant work helping children and adults using horse riding as therapy. 


This helps physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


The shape and gait of the horse stimulates muscle tone, relaxes stiff joints and improves balance, posture and walking ability plus it's a fun activity so,




There's a special relationship that develops between the horse and the rider which works like magic to improve the riders confidence and mood.  Sometimes children who have never spoken start making noises and their first spoken word is their horses name - how special is that!


I love supporting this charity so that they can continue to help lots of children and adults in their very special way.






Me with 'Magic', one of my favourite BDHRA therapy ponies

My family have always been involved with BDHRA and this is why:


Did you know?

On a horse a child receives physiotherapy in a subtle way.

The child is required to balance on a three dimensional object. 


Did you know?

Riding is a massive workout for the hips, pelvic area and leg muscles which helps develop motor and balance skills.


Did you know? 

The horses temperature is one degree warmer than humans - this helps relax muscles.