My Story

My inspiration:

My Cat, Cleo.

Cleo is a beautiful tabby cat.  We got her and her sister, Coco, as kittens. Sadly Coco died and Cleo was very upset.  I spend lots of time with Cleo and she's now happy again.


My story starts after I had spent all my saved pocket money on buying her a lovely new, expensive bed!


Cleo hated it!!


When Coco died I was very, very upset and after spending all my saved pocket money on an expensive new bed to make Cleo happy, it was clear that Cleo hated it, so I was even more upset!


Meanwhile ...


Mum had a delivery and left the empty cardboard box in the sitting room.  When  I returned I found Cleo was curled up contentedly inside the box!




It was then that I decided to turn the cardbox box that Cleo absolutely loved into something that looks even better than the expensive bed that I'd just spent all my money on.


zzZ Z Z

It worked - Cleo loved her box and I enjoyed decorating it for her.

I had seen a national advert for young business entrepreneurs so I filled out the application with my idea -  and then came the challenge .....

I had to persuade my mum to send it in ..... that was the hardest bit!!