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Check out these fantastic creations.

Email a photo of your decorated Aleo Pet Home to and yours may appear here!

Beautiful hand made decorations by Becca for her house rabbit, Poppy.

Spray painted gold with individual roof tiles made of duck tape for Sam's toy guinea pigs - Amazing!

Decopatch design - we love it.


Felt tips and coloured pencils created this lovely summer scene complete with stamped out cat shapes on the side.

Alice is thinking of Autumn scenes and colours during her summer holiday and couldn't resist posting this!

This photo was sent to us during decoration - we can't wait to see the finished product!

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Check out these other cool design ideas

  • Use non-toxic crayons and pencils to draw and colour your own design, or use stencils and stickers.

  • Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage

  • Cover your Aleo pet home with photographs.

  • Spray paint your Aleo pet home to match your room decoration.

  • Use chalk board paint to cover all or part of the Aleo pet home then write, make lists, play noughts and crosses or just doodle on it with coloured chalks.

  • Whatever you choose to do, you'll enjoy it.

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