Aleo Pet Homes

  • We are proud to say that Aleo pet homes are manufactured in the UK to high standards.

  • Aleo pet homes are made from eco-friendly cardboard material and are 100% recyclable.

  • Aleo pet homes are recommended by vets as a safe haven for your cat.

  • Aleo pet homes are designed to come flat packed and are double lined to

     make them extra strong.

  • Aleo pet homes are affordable at only £14.99 with FREE postage within the UK. 

  • Aleo pet homes provide a great craft activity for children and adults alike, enabling a feeling of satisfaction and achievement and strengthening the bond with your pet.

  • Aleo pet homes make great gifts for pet owners, being customisable and adored by cats.

  • And if you haven't got a pet ........... then Aleo pet homes also make great storage homes for those precious toys.

Cats love cardboard - so cats will be happy

They're low cost and stylish - so owners will be happy, and 

They're eco-friendly and recyclable - so the environment will be happy.




My UK Manufacturer

"The only problem that I have when decorating an Aleo Pet Home is keeping Cleo out of it!!"  Alice

Lots and lots of cardboard!

Manufacturers with Darren

Darren showing me the machines; he's an awesome designer.

Part of the print room


You can keep it plain & simple, or decorate it. It's your choice.


March Design of the Month by Becca for her pet house rabbit, Poppy.

I had an amazing time visiting the manufacturer and meeting Darren.  He took my prototype and turned it into a professional, well made and sturdy, flat packed pet home that I'm extremely proud of. We are now on to the next design, so watch this space...

Your Aleo Pet Home


Your Aleo Pet Home will come flat packed.  This provides a lovely flat surface to make decorating your pets home easy and fun.


It has been made to a high standard incorporating double layers to ensure it's super strong. 


If you prefer you can also put your Aleo pet home together first before decorating it.  I find thats best for decopatch and painting.


Either way putting it together is easy just follow my instructions.